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Assuring Project / Product Quality Control


Asri Utama offers two types of Inspection – Shop and Site Inspection. These services are provided as a Second or Third Party.

Second Party is when Asri Utama will work for and under the direction of the customer.

Third Party inspection is where Asri Utama will work as an independent body, on behalf of International Inspection Company Phoenix QC Co Ltd.

Additionally Asri Utama offers Second Inspection Services. This is where Asri Utama will inspect equipment from a manufacturer on behalf of the end user.

Asri Utama offers an extensive suite of Inspection Services to meet your needs:

Once the equipment is delivered to site, Asri Utama supervises the various construction, installation and commissioning aspects to ensure that the asset is properly installed, and is capable of operating within the safety Conditions determined by the client’s Specifications, local and International codes and government guidelines.


FAT Inspection involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery.

This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine whether a product, service, process, piece of equipment or installation complies with expressed needs, customer expectations, applicable regulations or other specific requirements.

Vendor inspection can include, review of material certificates, visual inspection, witness and verification of various non-destructive tests, witnessed inspections, witnessed factory acceptance tests, supervision of mechanical or functional tests and pre shipment inspections.

– Manage risk linked to the quality and safety of supplied materials, equipment and services
– The reassurance of an independent assessment
– A cost-effective way to verify quality assurance/quality control organization of your suppliers
– Skilled personnel with relevant experience and qualifications building confidence in your supply chain

Checking of Quality Assurance Plan of contractors/ vendors and making suggestions if necessary and approval to final acceptance of quality.
To ensure that contractors / vendors carry out work in accordance with their respective quality assurance programmed.
Undertake inspection and witness such tests, which are required to ensure that all equipment and materials procured confirm to the specifications and relevant codes and standards as per approved Quality Assurance Plan (QAP).
Inspection of material, plant equipment and structures at vendors works before dispatch.
Inspection of received material at site to assess to start landing, damages and recommend replacement measures.
Stages / routine inspection as well as final inspection based on following codes e.g. ASME, BS, DIN, IS and other relevant codes / standards
Testing of material as per approved QAP.
Issue of routine inspection memo.
Checking of compliance report, if any.
Issue of final acceptance certificate.



How we work?

  • Client inquiries
  • Selection of most suitable field personnel
  • Client acceptance and approval criteria
  • Issuing assignment instructions and required specifications
  • Coordination of visiting schedules between, Clients, Suppliers and field personnel
  • Review and distribution of field personnel reports
  • Coordination & Management of NCR issues until resolution
  • Field personnel administration and payroll
  • Invoicing

"All inspections are carried out with high integrity, strictly adhering to applicable international codes and standards with firm commitment"

– Al-Nahdi

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